Go big with a strong selection of SUPRA skate shoes and clothing from eBay

Your clothing does a lot more than cover your body and protect you from the elements. What you decide to wear and how you decide to wear it makes a statement. Your wardrobe acts as an extension of you, expressing your attitude to those with whom you come in contact. This is especially true when channeling the independence and creativity upon which the world of skateboarding sits. 

SUPRA shoes and clothing provide an avenue for those who prefer to spend life on decks, trucks and wheels, with shoes and clothing for men and women who live the skater lifestyle. eBay has a range of SUPRA shoes for men and women as well as other apparel that looks and feels good when you're rolling, catching big air, grinding or simply living.

Fly high above the pack with the SUPRA Skytop

In 2007, just a year after SUPRA's creation in Los Angeles, world-renowned skater Chad Muska helped develop the SUPRA Skytop, a high-top, glossy shoe that soon became a fashion staple around the world. Changing the game not only for skaters, but also for the shoe racks and outfits of celebrities all over the world, the iconic model helped the brand grow to global acclaim that has only increased in the decade-plus since. SUPRA has since extended its reach into other fields of creative expression, including the worlds of art and music.

eBay has dozens of Skytops in a range of sizes and styles, giving you the power to express your individuality and authenticity each and every time you lace up your kicks. Check them out today.