SUV Cars

SUV Cars

SUV, or sport utility vehicle, cars are the vehicle of choice for large families and avid travellers. SUV cars are renowned for their rugged design, four-wheel-drive capabilities, expansive passenger capacity, and large luggage space. Although they are officially classified as light trucks, SUV cars tend to have a list of features that are more typical of large sedans and minivans. Some of the largest designers and manufacturers of diesel SUV passenger vehicles in Australia are Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai, Mazda, and Mitsubishi.

Versatile Performance

With a durable lightweight chassis, and raised ground clearance, SUV cars function in a variety of different terrains and climates. If you have specific spatial requirements for your SUV, check out the different consumer classes available, with models ranging from full-size to compact to mini.Automatic SUV passenger vehicles can also be put into Sport mode if you find yourself needing faster acceleration and more responsive gear shifting.

Passenger Comfort

Modern SUV cars use a compartmentalized design to maximise passenger comfort and safety. The SUV passenger compartment – located between the cargo and engine spaces – offers significant comfort advantages in comparison to other vehicles. Extra leg space, higher reclining angles, and reduced near-road vibrations are just some of the comfort benefits available to SUV passengers.

Luxury Features

Because of their size, SUVs are packed full of innovative luxury features. These features range from luxury technologies – such as sunroofs, multi-vent air conditioning, and adjustable ergonomic seating – to higher performance parts and premium interior décor. For example, the interior of a modern SUV is often replete with soft leather seating, polished facias, and lacquered wood panelling. You can rest easy knowing that virtually all SUVs are fitted with airbags, traction control and stabilised braking systems.

Loads of Extra Cargo Space

Take advantage of the enormous amount of cargo space available to SUV owners. Whether you’re planning a weekend road trip or a journey around Australia, your SUV will have the space to store your belongings and gear without infringing on your seating arrangements. If you have extra passengers, most SUVs include several foldout seats in their cargo space.