There is no denying it, trampolinesare a fun way to get outside and be active. But, they can be dangerous. You can increase the safety of your trampoline easily by installing a good quality trampoline net.

Measure your trampoline

Just like trampolines, trampoline nets come in all different sizes. Before you start searching for a trampoline net on eBay, you must measure your trampoline accurately and calculate the diameter of your trampoline. Usually, trampolines range in size from16ft trampolinesto 8ft trampolines.

Remember, the trampoline size is the outside diameter of the frame and not the diameter of the mat. And, if you already have poles to support your net make sure you buy a net with enough holes for each pole.

Quality concerns

When shopping for a replacement trampoline net, remember this is a safety item that will be exposed to the weather elements. Look for a net that is made from the most durable material possible. Polyurethane is regarded as the best quality material, compared to polypropylene or polyester which are of lower quality.

Once you have settled on a material, make sure you check the weave of the net. A more tightly woven net will be of higher quality and will be safer than a net that features a loose weave. Loose weave trampoline nets are weaker and more likely to pull which reduces their effectiveness.

When to replace your net

Your trampoline net will be put under pressure by usual use and by being stored outdoors. These two factors combined will reduce the effectiveness of the net and you will eventually need to replace your net. When inspecting your old net, look for punctures, tears, frays, sagging, missing or broken enclosure attachments, damaged enclosure poles and pulled threading. These are all signs that your net needs to be replaced.

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