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Think of Sailor Jerry and the image of a sexy cartoon hula girl probably springs to mind. The image was originally produced by American illustrator, creative, tattoo artist and all-round badass Norman Collins, otherwise known by the moniker Sailor Jerry. 

Although Collins passed away in 1973 aged just 62, his legacy is kept alive by the popular rum brand. Collins was known for his sailor tattoos, after spending time in the US Navy in his late teens and early 20s. He juggled work as a tattoo artist with life at sea, which led him to travel to South East Asia, Hawaii and beyond, places that inspired his later work. Collins' colourful tattoo style and equally vibrant life history caught the attention of a US creative agency, who ensured the frivolous, fun spirit of Sailor Jerry's work would be immortalised by creating the eponymous rum brand, Sailor Jerry, which you can shop for on eBay today. 

The drink we know and love today is a 92 proof, or in the UK, 40% ABV, spiced Navy rum. No drinks cabinet, bar, party or celebration is truly complete without a bottle of the brown stuff. Whether you're looking for singlets, bottle openers, cups, mugs or hoodies emblazoned with Sailor Jerry's signature style, you'll find it right here on eBay. Tattoo enthusiasts can browse a huge array or tributes to the legendary artist, including posters, flash prints and much more listed on our online store. Our online listings are littered with Sailor Jerry's unique illustrations, with stunning drawing of everything from hula girls and pin-ups to snakes, anchors, birds, roses, palm trees, skulls, ships and more up for grabs from our sellers.

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