Saitek is a computer peripheral manufacturer that develops and builds immersive control systems for simulation computer games, whether they are about flying planes or driving tractors.


Saitek was founded in 1979, originally to make electronic chess games. The company has made a variety of computer peripherals over the years, but it is best known for its joysticks and other control devices aimed at flight simulator users. In 2016, Saitek was purchased from former owner Mad Catz by computer peripherals giant Logitech.

Saitek Joysticks

Saitek is well-known for its flight simulator peripherals. The most essential among these are their joysticks, which are now typically delivered as part of a HOTAS system. HOTAS, or Hands On Throttle And Stick, uses a throttle controller under one hand and a flightstick under the other for intuitive, responsive control. Saitek flight sticks like the X52 feature a large number of programmable functions that can be set to operate whichever in-game systems you prefer, as well as customisable ergonomic grips. The flagship X56 Rhino HOTAS, which is also aimed at space simulator users, adds additional analog sticks under both thumbs for greater freedom of three-dimensional movement.

Saitek Flight Peripherals

A joystick is a good start, but a seasoned flight simulator pilot needs more than that. If you want to turn your desk into your virtual cockpit, you need more peripherals. Saitek video game flight yokes like their Flight Yoke System include five control axes plus aileron control and a throttle panel. This can be enough to fly on its own, but it is also very modular. You can extend it using additional throttle quadrants, adjustable flight pedals and even the extremely expandable range of Saitek instrument panels and switches. These peripherals are widely compatible with modern flight simulator games, and the modularity makes it easy to find a setup that suits you whether you prefer to fly huge passenger jets or nimble warplanes.

Other Saitek Peripherals

Saitek is best known for its flight simulation systems, but that isnt the full range of their product line. Saitek also makes other extensive simulation control systems like their Heavy Equipment gear. This product line of a wheel, instrument panel and pedals is designed to simulate driving heavy farm vehicles. Like their flight simulation equipment, this is built to provide a premium experience, with over 25 programmable functions available from the button panel.