Make all the write moves with Sakura pens and art supplies from eBay

If the pen truly is mightier than the sword, eBay has has you covered. We have thousands of writing weapons from Sakura with which you can draft, decorate, draw and more.

With Sakura pens and markers for artists, you can unleash your inner creative at home, in the office or on the go. With hundreds of different packs from which to choose, eBay has the instruments on hand to help guide your hand as you let the ideas flow.

The Pigma difference

Sakura's signature Pigma micron pens were born when the company decided it needed to create a pigment-based ink that would outdo traditional dye ink. The company made pigment particles small enough to fit on and flow freely from the tip of even the smallest pen nibs. The chemical complexity of Pigma ink allows it to stay closer to the surface of material, providing a stronger, bolder look for longer.

In addition to tools for drawing maestros, we also have Sakura scrapbooking markers and pens for those looking to make good memories last a bit longer. Decorate your photo albums with colourful Sakura gel pens and markers and add extra colour to your happy snaps.

Sakura art and craft supplies make great additions to the arsenal of those who have a penchant for doing things by hand. Whether it's a novice who loves the feel of a quality writing instrument, an avid scrapbooker or a professional artist who relies upon his or her handiwork to pay the bills, eBay's strong selection of Sakuras has the goods. Check it out today!