Salon Chairs and Dryers

Salon and spa equipment comes in many forms; however, two of the most valuable pieces of salon equipment that these types of establishments can have are salon chairs and dryers. There are many choices in the salon and spa chair and hair dryer category, so it is helpful to know more about these items when it comes time to make a purchasing decision.

Salon and Barber Chair Basics

Salon and barber chairs come in a multitude of styles, so there are plenty of options to outfit any setting. Since many salons and barber shops provide services that may create the need for the client to remain still for long periods, it is important to find chairs that keep adults and children comfortable. Some of the most popular types of salon and barber chairs are those that have thick padding on the cushions and armrests so that the client can sit for extended periods in comfort.

Salon and Barber Chair Features

Some of the most popular salon and barber chairs come with removable arms and seats to help tailor the chair to the individual needs of the client, while still making it easy for the professional to perform specific job functions. Some salon and barber chairs may also come with in-built hair dryers or timers, or they can also have slides set up in the chair to add removable hair dryer equipment. Chairs with adjustable height features and footrests also keep both the client and professional at levels that are comfortable and ergonomic.

Hair Dryers

While many salon and barber chairs come equipped with hair dryers, there are a great deal of chair models that do not have this type of equipment built into the framework of the chair. There are a variety of hair dryers on the market to choose from that include models in various styles and colours. Some of the most popular types of hair dryers include wall-mounted hair dryers, box dryers and hooded dryers that include caster bases. Additionally, there are hair dryers that come with special ionic features as well as those that are made specifically to handle even the youngest clientele.


While you are shopping for salon chairs and dryers, it may also be a good time to pick up a few extra accessories to keep on hand. Professionals who perform manicures may benefit from adding a salon manicure table to their salon equipment supply list. There are also a variety of sanitisers, towel warmers, scissors, combs, cuticle pushers, caps and gowns available, just to name a few items. Sometimes buying these items in bulk gives the professional the advantage of obtaining great merchandise at discounted prices.