Salon and Spa Backwash Units and Shampoo Bowls

In a hair salon, a backwash unit is certainly a necessary piece of salon and spa stylist furniture because most customers get a hair wash before a stylist does anything else. You can wash people's hair while they sit on a comfortable seat and lean the head backward. With the attached shower pipe you can rinse the hair. Backwash units are complete sets that include the armchair as well, while shampoo bowls are basically simply the sink that you can use with an existing seat. When choosing a backwash unit, there are several aspects to consider from purpose to design, material and adjustability.

Salon Backwash Unit or Shampoo Bowl Purpose

Before starting to choose a shampoo bowl or backwash unit first think where and how you need to use it. If you need one for a hair salon and have plenty of space to spare, opt for a fixed or cabinet-type unit. For home use, it is best to go for a portable unit that provides better manoeuvrability.

Salon Backwash Unit and Shampoo Bowl Designs

The backwash units come with different kinds of sinks in terms of their shape, radius and depth. In a confined space, you would do better with a smaller bowl. However, if you do have enough space for a larger bowl, choose this one because it helps you easily wash both adult and children's hair without causing too much discomfort.

Salon Backwash Unit Materials

You should choose the basin material based on what you expect from the backwash unit. Plastic is lightweight and thus makes for a mobile basin, but it is not as durable as metal. You can also opt for alloy to get the best of both worlds. Also note that some materials are more prone to stains and stained units do not look very attractive. Try to choose a unit that uses a stain-free material.

Salon Backwash Unit Adjustability

Not all people have the same body shape and height and thus you may need to make some adjustments to the backwash unit if you want people to feel comfortable when washing their hair. If you need the unit as a part of your salon and spa equipment, you are probably going to encounter all kinds of people and should thus opt for an adjustable model. The unit should be easy to lift, lower, slide to the left or right and move forward or backward.