Salon & Spa Magnifying Lamps

Salon and Spa Magnifying Lamps

See clearly and without straining your eyes during skin analysis and beauty treatments with a range of high-quality magnifying lamps to add to your salon and spa equipment. Whether you're looking for 5x salon and spa magnifying lamps, table-mounted magnifying lamps, multi-function units or other salon and spa equipment, you can find lamps and lenses to suit your space and beauty treatment requirements.

LED Lights

For energy efficiency, select a magnifying lamp with LED lights that will provide up to 50,000 hours of illumination. These long-lasting lights will almost never need replacing, reducing the costs of ongoing maintenance for your salon equipment. Take advantage of LED ring lights to help eliminate shadows and provide non-glare lighting for you to work at your optimal level.

Precision-Ground Lenses

Most spa and salon magnifying lamps come with precision-ground lenses, which will ensure clear and strain-free viewing, even after long hours at work. Made from crown glass, they provide near-zero light refraction or dispersion with the option for 5x magnification or greater, if necessary.

Spring-Balanced Arms

When purchasing your next spa or salon magnifying lamp, look for spring-balanced arms that will keep the lens stable in any orientation. Position your light source and lens exactly where you need it to execute the best job possible. Opt for rugged metal arms that will be long-lasting and have the extension capacities you require in your spa or salon.

Greater Flexibility and Analysis

For greater flexibility, look for lens heads that can rotate 360 degrees to the left or right and flip up or down 180 degrees. Analyse skin conditions with greater precision as different substances become luminous when exposed to the lamp and deeper layers of the skin can be viewed. Select from 2.5 diopter magnifying lamps all the way up to 15 diopter magnifying lamps, depending on your professional needs.