How a towel warmer and sterilisation unit might help your salon

Running a beauty salon or spa requires lots of equipment to keep your clients comfortable, and safe. One of your highest rotation items are your towels, and it’s an area where you can’t afford to skimp on safety. You want to be sure they’re 100% germ-free, never placing your high hygiene standards at risk. That’s when a great sterilising and towel warming unit can be your best friend.

Two functionalities

As the name suggests, towel warming units offer the ability to give your clients a beautifully warm towel, whether it’s for a facial, manicure, massage or other beauty treatment. But the best units offer more - namely, a sterilisation function. Using UV rays, every towel you place inside is adequately zapped, killing harmful bacteria and ensuring your customers’ health is front and centre.

In some units, the warming and sterilisation functions operate independently, so you can choose either one. But if you want to err on the side of caution, using them concurrently makes sense.

What to look for

Sterilisation units come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. If you’re considering purchasing one for your health spa or beauty salon, first determine where you’ll store it. The amount of space you have will dictate the size you choose. Another size consideration relates to capacity. How many towels do you need it to hold to keep up with your booked appointments? You’ll also want to go for a unit that sterilises towels at higher temperatures. The higher the temp, the quicker the ‘bug zap’ or sterilisation process. This is essential in a very busy salon. In the same vein, the unit should be able to hold high temperatures at a consistent level, as you want to make sure the full sterilisation process completes each and every time. Consider how sturdy the unit is. Does it have reinforced doors and good quality interior coating? You want something that will last the distance, not end up rusting or leaking.

Once you’ve worked out your requirements, head over to eBay’s towel warmers and sterilisation unit listings. With a great range at even better prices, your salon will be set up safety-wise in no time.