Salon Spa Styling Capes & Gowns    

Some of the most important salon accessories you can have in your beauty salon spa are capes and gowns for your clients’ benefit. They are also extremely useful if you are a mobile beauty therapist.    

Why Should I Use a Salon Cape?  

 Capes and gowns should are common tools among most beauty professionals. A hairdressing gown covers a client's clothes so they don’t get hair all over them when cutting or styling hair. The hair simply falls on the floor and your client is able to leave the salon without having to clean up or brush their clothes off. A spa gowns is ideal for clients to retain modesty in between treatments. Clients can also use them like a bathrobe when going into a sauna. Salon capes are also a must for makeup artists to avoid foundation or eyeshadow spills on client clothing.    

Salon Cape Colours and Styles   

You can find salon capes in a variety of colours. The most common is black since it doesn’t show stains so easily, but other plain colours such as cream, blue or white are available too. It is also possible to find a patterned spa gown or two that can blend in with your spa décor.