Salon Spa Stylist Stations Furniture   

Salon furniture helps to create a certain ambiance inside the salon. Colour, style and available space are primary considerations when selecting salon equipment and furniture. Traditional and contemporary styles are available. Interior design and setup is structured around the available services offered by the establishment.   

What services are offered at a salon?   

Salon services cover an umbrella of provisions. Some salons specialize in one or two service areas while full-service salons offer an array of services. Here are a few available service options: · Hair salon may only provide hair and/or barbering services · Full-service salons include spa services, hair services, nail services, skin services and more · Spa resort may only offer facials, massages and other spa treatments; however, some do offer make-up and hair services also · Nail salons generally offer manicures, pedicures and other enhancement services for the hands and feet   

What style of furniture should you put in a salon?   

The furniture selection is a personal preference. It should be determined by the owners of the salon. There are a few considerations you should take when choosing fixtures and equipment for your salon.   Consider the amount of available space to ensure you purchase the right amount of furniture. Stay away from large pieces that will cluster a small space. Manicure tables are available in various sizes. Choose a size that accommodates the available space.   Purchase furniture for services offered. Spa pedicure chairs are ideal for nail salons and full-service salons.   

What type of spa supplies are available for salons?   

Spa supplies are available in a variety of quantities and types. Here are a few available options:

  • Barbering capes
  • Pedicure/manicure stations
  • Salon towels
  • Salon trolley
  • Pedicure stool
  • Salon tools holder pouch