Salon and Spa Supplies

Salons run smoothly when they have all the salon and spa supplies they require. For salons and spas that perform massages, facials, and hair cutting and colouring, there are many items required to keep duties going throughout the day. Grab salon and spa equipment that make day-to-day operations smoother and keep clients happy and relaxed.

Throw in the Towel

Towels and supplies are likely the most useful salon necessities. You'll use towels frequently, from drying wet hair to placing over clients while you massage them. Soft towels made from 100 per cent cotton are machine washable and comfortable for guests to wear. Opt for traditional towels that offer bleach and stain resistance, or choose towel wraps that use elastic to keep towels around the body like a gown. Microfibre towels are another durable option, and they come in many colours to complement your salon's decor.


Create a sanitary surface for guests to lie on when you massage them. This means using spa table covers and supplies. These come in a few formats, such as disposable covers that roll over the table and rip to provide you with the amount you need. Simply toss these in the rubbish bin between clients. Another type of table cover is a cotton table cover that adds warmth and softness to your table while protecting clients. These are machine washable and perfect for chilly salons. Opt for covers with water-resistance if desired, or choose perforated paper rolls for quick tearing.

The Cape

A crucial component of a hair salon, capes protect clients' clothing as they sit in your chair for a haircut, colour, or other service. These long, waterproof capes fit comfortably around the neck with Velcro and fit every size. Lightweight and easy to care for, capes eliminate stains and messes from hair colour or bleach. Add some pizzazz to your salon by picking colourful capes or capes with sequins for a fun look.

Hop On the Trolley

Salon trolleys, or carts, give you a mobile spot to place mixed hair colour, clips, tools, and scissors. Usually created with three or more tiers, these movable trolleys let you easily transport supplies from station to station in a spa or salon environment. Made up of metal or plastic shelves and compartments, trolleys keep you organised and minimise time spent searching for necessary supplies as you work.