No one likes to be in pain. Whether its just a little bit of pain that makes you feel uncomfortable, or youre in serious, excruciating pain, feeling badly is something that no one looks forward to. Unfortunately, everyone is going to have minor pain and aches throughout their lifetime, and its not something you always want to see the doctor for. When you need reliable relief for minor aches and pains, Salonpas pain patches work well. Easy to apply, Salonpas patches or gels help relieve muscle aches so you can go on about your day feeling better.

How Salonpas Work

Active ingredients in Salonpas include menthol and methyl salycilate. While menthol is soothing on its own, methyl salycilate is actually considered an NSAID, like many other over-the-counter medicines that provide pain relief. Methyl salycilate is also the active ingredient in capsaicin, which people are more familiar with when its referred to as the active ingredient in chili peppers. While you would think that an ingredient in chili peppers would sting and burn skin, it actually has the opposite effect, and when combined with menthol, provides a soothing form of pain relief for arthritis and a number of other ailments.


Salonpas is typically available in patches. This makes it an especially convenient form of over-the-counter back pain and fever relief. While Salonpas is more used for back pain, depending on the size of your patch, it can literally be placed anywhere on the body where you have a muscle ache or need pain relief. You can also apply Salonpas to your arms, legs, neck and torso.


Salonpas also comes in a topical gel for smooth, easy application. This gel treatment is meant to be fast-acting and absorbing, and doesnt leave a greasy feel on your fingertips after application. Meant for application in smaller areas that need pain relief, such as the wrist or neck, apply a small amount of Salonpas gel anywhere you feel pain and need quick, immediate relief.

Sizes and Quantities

Salonpas gel typically comes in one type of 10-oz. size. However, the patches come in a number of different quantities and sizes. A large Salonpas patch can measure around 7.2 x 13 cm, which covers a large area, such as the back. Patches can come as little as six to a pack, or as many as 120. Salonpas is made in many countries around the world, so you may often see it sold with alternative writing and packaging. There are several different types of patches, including the hot patch, gel patch and Lidocaine gel patch.