Salt Lamps

Some Facts About Himalayan Salt Lamps

Himalayan salt lamps can be used to light up small spaces, and they can be used as decorative ornaments, too. These lamps are made from chunks of salt crystals from Pakistan and can be carved into attractive shapes such as bowls filled with eggs, marbles, prisms, pyramids, or spheres. You can find Himalayan salt lamps in different colours on eBay, such as pink, orange, white, and purple.

How do Himalayan salt lamps work?

If a Himalayan salt lamp is plugged in and turned on, it will certainly add light to the room. Since the salt is pink, these lamps give off a roseate glow that many people find calming. They are often used as night lights. A pink salt lamp is often used just as décor, as well. You can have the salt sit on materials such as wood, metal, or crystal.

Do Himalayan salt lamps have health benefits?

According to Himalayan salt lamp U.K. benefits research, the health benefits of salt lamps are a little anectodal. However, some people who have salt lamps claim that they:

  • Give off negative ions: These negative ions clear the air of pollutants, including the electromagnetic smog that comes from computers or smartphones.
  • Ease depression
  • Ease allergies
  • Support circulation of the blood
  • Increase cognitive abilities
  • Bring a good night's sleep

A pink Himalayan salt lamp is an attractive item in and of itself, which can lift a person's mood. For some people, having a beautiful lamp around them or simply being told the lamp produces negative ions that support their health can make them feel better. This may be a type of placebo effect.

Can you ingest salt from a Himalayan salt lamp?

Licking a salt rock lamp is actually very safe, for it is nothing but salt and some trace minerals, some of which are essential to health. Unless the lamp is truly filthy, it does not harbour germs. If your pets want to lick it, just ensure that they don’t ingest too much salt.

What are some other features regarding Himalayan salt lamps?

A Himalayan salt lamp has been hollowed out to accommodate a light source. They get their pink colour from the minerals that are found in the salt, but otherwise the lamp is made of plain table salt, or NaCl. Both new and second-hand Himalayan salt lamps are for available for sale on eBay.