Saltwater Braided Fishing Fishing Lines & Leaders

Saltwater Braided Fishing Line

Saltwater fishing can be a fun experience for anyone who loves to fish, but it takes the right equipment to make for a successful trip. After all, the fun quickly dissipates without any action on the line. Saltwater braided fishing line is a reliable choice for your arsenal. Thick lines, no-stretch construction, and easy knotting make braided lines a great option for anglers of every experience level. Monofilament lines are also available for those who need a thinner line with more stretch.

Braided Construction

Braided fishing line offers many benefits. The thick construction, made of multiple thin lines tied together like rope, ensure a strong hold and defence against snapping. Mono and flouro lines are much thinner and don’t last as long as braided lines. The no-stretch construction keeps the line tight so you are able to feel every bite right when it occurs. Braided fishing line also makes for easier casting, so you can cast out much farther than when using other types of line. However, keep in mind that you cannot just substitute freshwater braided fishing lines for saltwater ones, as they differ in many ways.

Monofilament lines

An alternative to braided lines are monofilament lines, which have their own pros. Saltwater monofilament fishing lines are less expensive as they are made of thinner material. They stretch easier, which is useful for certain styles of fishing. The abrasion resistance on mono lines ensure that your fishing line won’t get caught on anything, from casting to reeling in. Knot tying is also easier on the thin mono lines.


Reels of mono fishing lines and braided fishing lines come in a variety of styles. Any colour you wish to have on your reel is available. Reels with just a few dozen metres keep things light, or reels with up to 500 metres are designed to keep you ready for any amount of fishing. Smooth spinning reels ensure that you are able to cast off easily and reel in just as fast as you need.