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The Sam Edelman designer brand’s catchcry is ‘a life well lived’, and its shoes and accessories are designed to help you do just that. It produces shoes for all situations, from casual walks to high fashion events and formal dos. Whether you like flats or heels, combat boots or FMBs, Sam Edelman produces footwear that will suit your needs and flatter your feet. You’ll find a great selection here in both new and classic styles.

Casual shoes

Ballet flats, sandals and mules all tend to work well for summer months in Australia; being fairly open on top, heat from your feet can easily escape. For winter warmth, Sam Edelman produce gumboots, combat boots, and heeled boots as well as a range of lace up shoes and espadrilles. Being an American brand, it does especially well at designing shoes that are both warm and (generally) waterproof. One particular delight is the snow boots, which we don’t often see in Australia – since we rarely need to wade through snow to get to the letter box. If you’re heading to the snow, check out the brand’s waterproof puffer boots – they’re designed to keep your feet snug, warm, and dry in cold conditions. They’re not ski boots, but they work well for conditions that seem super-cold to most Aussies.

Sandals and flip flops

From basic casuals to classy dress sandals, Sam Edelman produces a great array of high quality and fun sandals and thongs. You’ll find some timeless gladiator sandals, elegant slingback heels, surprisingly styled thongs, and some absolutely gorgeous slides. This category covers pretty much every event that you might attend in the summer months, and no matter the dress code, there’ll be a pair of Sam Edelman sandals to suit.

Semi-formal shoes

Finding good semi-formal or smart casual shoes can be difficult – the nice ones are often too dressy, and the more relaxed ones are often too casual. Sam Edelman, though, offer a selection of ballet flats, mules, and low heels that look good and can be used to dress an outfit up or down as appropriate. 

Formal shoes

One thing we love about Sam Edelman is its focus on providing styles to suit everyone. This is especially obvious in its selection of formal shoes and heels. There are stilettos, block heels, kitten heels, and platforms, just to name a few.


Whatever your boot conformation preference – ankle, mid-calf, knee, above the knee, high heeled, stiletto, low heeled, flat – Sam Edelman has a pair to suit. From floral velvet ankle boots to fringed leather above the knee kitten heels, there’s sure to be a pair of boots to match your wildest dreams. One of our favourite things about the Sam Edelman brand is that it embraces both classic minimalism and wild over embellishment, leading to a bewildering variety of boots from stylish simple black ankle boots to heavily embroidered silver knee boots.


Unlike many brands, who assume that anyone who wants flat shoes doesn’t care what their feet look like, Sam Edelman offer a substantial range of flats for all occasions. If you need something dressy to wear to a special event but don’t want to wear heels, you’ll find a great selection of flats from basic to bedazzled. If you’re unsure how to pull off wearing flats with a cocktail or formal dress, tips from the red carpet include looking for pointed toes to enhance the profile of the shoe; adding sequins or crystals for an extra glitzy look; picking metallic and/or beaded shoes. All of these will add some zing to your outfit and look fantastic.


If, however, you’re all about adding an inch or three to your height with heels, you’ll love the range of dress and formal heels that you’ll find here. Whether you prefer kitten heels, block heels, wedge heels, platform heels, ankle strap heels or slingback heels, Sam Edelman is sure to have produced a number of styles that will tick all of your boxes.

Finding the perfect shoe size

  • Step 1: Measure the length of your foot. You’ll need help to get an accurate measurement; as you walk, your foot stretches a little as you put weight on it, and this is the measurement you need. It’s nearly impossible to get an accurate measurement by yourself, as you need to be standing straight with your weight equally distributed on either side. Measure bare feet; socks can mess up the measurement process, especially if they’re a little baggy. Take the measurement in both centimetres and inches from the very back of your heel to the tip of your longest toe, even if this isn’t your big toe. Then measure the other foot – many of us have one foot at least slightly longer than the other. Use the larger measurements of the two.
  • Step 2: Check the manufacturer’s sizing guide. The vast majority of brands have one, and they can vary quite significantly from brand to brand – and sometimes even between collections in a single brand. Many sellers will display the sizing guide on an item’s listing, but if they don’t, check the brand’s official website.
  • Step 3: Allow for heel height. When we add height at the heel, our feet are more extended and stretched out. You’ll often find that you need to go up at least half a size when buying heels – even a full size, depending on the height of the heel. The higher the heel, the more wiggle room you’ll want.
  • Step 4: Make sure your new shoes are the right width. A lot of people end up with foot problems due to wearing shoes that are too wide or too narrow. Look after your feet – and the body they help to move around – by ensuring that your shoes are the right width. Most shoe brands tend towards a certain width, and if it’s not mentioned on the listing then reviews of the brand’s shoes will probably mention what sort of width to expect.