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Samsung 128GB Mobile Phone Memory Card

Mobile phone memory cards are an excellent phone accessory intended to extend the internal memory of your mobile phone or smartphone without having to replace the phone for a newer or different model with a larger internal memory.


New mobile phones often come with a range of internal memory available, with phones that have larger internal memory often being the pricier models. By inserting a mobile phone memory card such as the Samsung 128GB mobile phone memory card, you can easily expand the memory space of your mobile phone or smartphone to store more pictures, videos, apps, documents or data.

Technical Details

The Samsung 128GB phone memory card is capable of adding 128GB of mobile storage space to your mobile phone. The read and write speeds, which is how quickly the memory card can transfer data to and from the device, depend on the type of Samsung 128GB mobile phone memory card you choose.


There are two types of Samsung 128GB MicroSDXC memory cards, the Pro series and the Evo series, each of which has the Samsung Pro+ 128GB memory card and the Samsung Evo+ 128GB memory cards. The Samsung 128GB Pro+ mobile phone memory card has higher read and write speeds, 95MB/s and 90MB/s respectively, which means they are designed to handle storing and transferring professional grade photos and 4K UHD video content that you create on your smartphone. The Samsung 128GB Evo+ mobile phone memory card is more affordable, though it still has read and write speeds of 80MB/s and 20MB/s respectively.

How to use a Samsung 128GB Mobile Phone Memory Card

A Samsung 128GB mobile phone memory card can be inserted into your mobile phone or smartphone using the microSD card slot in your phone. The location of this differs by the brand and model of your phone, however in newer smartphones this is usually located in the same part as the slot for your mobile phone SIM card.