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Samsung 3D TV Glasses & Accessories

If there is anything better than watching a movie on TV, it's watching it on TV in 3D. One of the more popular 3D TV brands is Samsung, and Samsung television accessories are abundant in the market. When purchasing 3D TV glasses specifically though, remember to take a number of things into consideration.

Active or Passive?

You can generally classify 3D glasses into active and passive models, where the active ones are battery-operated to open and close shutters within the glasses. Passive glasses are polarised and require no additional power. It is important to note that all Samsung televisions use Active 3D as part of their technology, so you are only able to choose active 3D glasses to purchase.

Features of Active 3D Glasses

Using active 3D glasses means that the technology inside allows the wearer to view the image in full resolution, rather than half resolution, as with passive 3D technology. This means better clarity from any viewing angle. However, the glasses will need syncing to the television for the signal outputs they require to control the shutters, and the batteries will need replacing from time to time.

Buying 3D Glasses for Samsung 3D TVs

The active 3D glasses bought for your 3D TV can be either Samsung-branded or from other brands. Decide on the number of glasses you will need to accommodate your usual TV-watching company, and where possible opt for newer models, which are lighter and fit better over eyewear. Also, always keep in mind that 3D glasses are to be used with movies in 3D, so be sure to buy the right media as well, as it will not work the same way for 2D movies.

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