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Samsung External Hard Disk Drives

Samsung USB 2.0 External Hard Disk Drives

External hard disk drives are an excellent way to back up data, projects, photos and documents for long-term storage or as a safe and secure backup. Samsung external hard disk drives come in a range of types and sizes to suit different data storage needs.

Design, Portability and Specifications

Samsung external hard disk drives have a sleek, slimline design, making them super portable and easy to store away and take with you. The hard disk drives have a textured finish, which provides secure gripping. Samsung hard disk drives have an onboard USB 2.0 controller, which reduces the physical size of the hard disk drive, its weight and the power consumption of the device.

Storage Space

A key consideration when choosing a Samsung USB 2.0 external hard disk drive is how much storage space you need to store your data, documents, photos and videos. Samsung external hard disk drives come in a range of storage size options, including 250 GB, 500 GB, 640 GB and range up to 1 TB.

Accessories, Colours and Materials

Some Samsung USB 2.0 hard disk drives come with a carrying case for taking on the go and protecting your hard disk drive. There are many colours to choose from for your Samsung USB 2.0 hard disk drive including black, white, chocolate, red, pink and blue. Samsung hard disk drives come in a range of durable plastic or aluminium casings.

Data Security

You can backup your important data manually onto your Samsung USB 2.0 hard disk drive, or you can pre-set a data backup schedule to automatically backup your data and documents. You can also use SafetyKey on your Samsung hard disk drive to provide password protection and prevent unauthorised access to your data, as well as SecretZone, which will create a virtual drive on your hard disk drive that encrypts confidential information for additional security.