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Have the World in Your Hand With the Samsung Galaxy S10 128GB

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is a well-rounded, flagship smartphone from Samsung. If there is a feature you want in a smartphone, the S10 is the most likely phone to have it. Find new and used Samsung Galaxy S10 128GB smartphones on eBay.

Standout features of the Samsung Galaxy S10 128GB

The Galaxy S10 has several marquee features that make it unique. These include, but are not limited to:

  • AMOLED display: Samsung smartphone AMOLEDs are renowned, and the Galaxy S10 keeps up with the tradition. The curves on the sides make the beautiful display even more attractive.
  • Compact form-factor: Though a 6.1-inch display is not technically “compact”, the Galaxy S10’s almost bezel-less design makes the phone much easier to palm than other 6.1-inch devices.
  • Versatile camera: The camera is reliable and takes solid pictures and videos both during the day and when the lights are out. The built-in Night Mode feature comes in extremely handy when clicking pictures during low-light scenarios.
  • Sufficient base storage: The onboard 128GB storage has plenty of space for normal users to locally store their photos, videos, and downloads.
The Samsung Galaxy S10 128GB display characteristics

Samsung’s Galaxy S-line of phones have always had great displays, thanks to the quality of their AMOLED panels. The S10’s display also offers the following features.

  • The company is calling the S10’s display Dynamic AMOLED, which takes up 88% of the device’s entire front.
  • The panel is HDR10+, which boosts dynamic range and colours when viewing content.
  • The screen is more than just adequately bright, which helps with outdoor viewing and HDR content consumption.
  • The display also houses the Infinity-O cut-out for the camera. Unlike a notch, the screen surrounds the circular cut-out.
What is the Samsung Galaxy S10 128GB smartphone’s performance like?

The S10 houses the latest available internals for a 2019 flagship, which unsurprisingly helps it ace all benchmark tests. The Snapdragon 855 or the region-specific Exynos 9820 chip make their intentions clear right off the bat. Real-life usage is smooth, with no task(s) slowing down the phone. The 8GB RAM makes multitasking seamless. Games do not bog down this phone, even when played at their highest settings. The S10 also comes with Wi-Fi 6 support, which means much faster wireless Internet performance than the previous standard.

What other benefits does the Samsung Galaxy S10 128GB offer?

Samsung loves to pack its phones with features, particularly the premium devices. Therefore, the Galaxy S10 also has:

  • Wireless charging, along with reverse charging.
  • Expandable storage.
  • The now-rare headphone jack.
  • An in-display fingerprint scanner