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Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Cases, Covers & Skins

The Samsung Galaxy S7 edge is a feature-packed flagship smartphone that you can be proud to own, and its wide 5.5-inch screen with two edges is great for maximising entertainment on your phone. That being said, this is exactly why you should invest in a good case or cover for it, to protect it from the elements and accidental bumps and drops.

Flip & Fitted Cases

In terms of aesthetics, flip and fitted cases offer the most variety, and thus helps your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge stand out while protecting it as well. One of the more popular options is the LED flip case, which displays a light-up display of the time on the case's front even when the case is closed. If covering the front of your phone is something you would rather not do, then opting for a fitted case that only covers the sides and back would be a better option.

Bumper Cases

For even more comprehensive protection against hard falls and drops, a bumper Samsung S7 case would be more apt. These cases go around the sides of the phone and sometimes also the back, and have raised reinforced edges to protect the phone at its most vulnerable areas. Do note that some generic bumper cases may cover the bezel that extends to the sides on the S7 edge, so check before purchase if you want to avoid this.

Wallet Cases

Wallet cases for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge are a popular choice for the convenience they offer, combining a wallet and a handphone case in one. Some offer a slimmer design, working as a flip case but with card or cash compartments in the flip part, while others are bulkier with a handphone case attached directly to a full wallet with lots of separated compartments.

Hybrid Cases

Hybrid Galaxy S7 edge cases offer a blend of two different types of cases. You may find a bumper case combining with the design of a flip case, or even a fitted case with the design of a bumper case. These offer an alternative if you cannot decide on a specific type and want a compromise.