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Samsung Memory Cards for Mobile Phones

Samsung Memory Cards for Mobile Phones

Mobile phone memory cards differ in quality, speed and between brands. If you are looking for a microSD card for your mobile phone, Samsung regularly gets high marks from reviewers for quality, speed and value. Samsung does make both SD and microSD cards. If you are looking for a memory card for your smartphone, you are most likely looking for a microSD card. You can get adapters for the micro cards if necessary.


MicroSD cards from Samsung are generally SDXC cards. You may see older cards with an SDHC designation. These designations simply show the range of data a card can hold. The smaller SDHC cards go up to 32 GB. The SDXC cards start at 64 GB and go up in size.

4-Proof Protection

Samsung memory cards come in PRO and EVO classifications. Both come with Samsungs 4-proof protection. That is, protection for up to 72 hours from seawater, extreme temperatures, airport X-ray machines and magnetic fields. The main difference between them is the PRO Select is HD compliant, and the EVO and EVO Plus cards have a slower read speed.


MicroSD cards come with a class designation. This is meant to indicate how quickly a card can transfer data. That is, a class 2 card can read and write data at 2 MB per second. A class 10 card can write and read data at 10 MB per second. If you find an excellent deal on an SD card you like, make sure that the class is as high as possible to ensure timely transfer of data.

Overall SD Card Size

Samsung 256 GB mobile phone memory cards are currently the largest on the market. It may be tempting to simply purchase the largest capacity card you can afford. Unfortunately, for older mobile phones, this will not necessarily work. Consult your phones manufacturer if you are uncertain about the largest capacity microSD card your phone can handle.

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