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Samsung Refrigerators

Keeping your Samsung Fridge Clean

Raise your hand if you dont clean your fridge enough. If everyone is being honest, most of you probably have your hands up. Its a cleaning job thats so easy to ignore, because its something you just dont think about it unless you happen to be looking in your fridge. And at that point, you tend to have more pressing matters on your mind, like what is in there thats tasty to snack on.

How often should you clean your Samsung refrigerator?

Cleaning your fridge is important for food safety reasons. If you want you and your family to stay healthy, you should typically clean your fridge once a month, while making sure to clean up any major spills as they happen. This is particularly important for things like meat, as this can contaminate other food in your fridge. For those with bar fridges, these also need to be cleaned, however, as they dont hold food, clean-ups can be done less frequently.

How to Clean your Samsung Fridge

The first thing to do is empty the fridge completely. This is probably best done on a cool day - or during the coolest part of the day during summer. If you have an esky, you may want to place food in there to keep it from spoiling. Then, remove any shelves and drawers, and place them in the sink to soak in soapy water.

Get your favourite cleaners ready so you can wipe down the fridge interior. Popular choices include dishwashing liquid, baking soda and vinegar. If you are worried about contaminating your food with chemicals, you may find that baking soda and vinegar are safer options. Use your cleaner to wipe down the interior, making sure to remove all stubborn stains. Once you have finished, scrub down the drawers and shelves, dry them and replace them in the fridge. Now, replace all food and drinks, making sure to wipe any dirty jars or bottles first.

Time to buy instead of clean? If your fridge is well past its prime, then it might be time to invest in a new one. Check out eBays awesome range of new and used fridges and freezers, to find trusted brands such as Samsung.

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