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Samsung SATA III 250 GB Solid State Drives

Samsung is one of the biggest companies developing, manufacturing and selling solid state drives (SSDs). The company's innovations have brought the prices of this once-very-expensive technology down while at the same time improving reliability. If you are thinking of a new hard drive for a new rig or one as an addition to existing hardware or to replace an old drive, Samsung SATA III 250 GB solid state drives are worth considering.

Blazing Speed

Traditional hard drives have spinning magnetic platters that store data. A moving arm positions a magnetic head over the platter when data needs to be read or written. Solid state drives, on the other hand, use technology that does not need any moving parts. This means the time taken to access data is cut down dramatically. Traditional hard disk drives (HDDs) can read and write data at speeds between 50 to 120 Mbps, while SSDs can do this at speeds above 200 Mbps, with some reaching over 500 Mbps.


Solid state drives are now more reliable than their spinning counterparts. Samsung rates its 850 EVO SSD's reliability at 1.5 million hours MTBF (mean time between failure). In addition, manufacturers state that current SSDs can hold the data stored on them for 200 years.

Popular Models

Samsung offers two popular 250 GB SSDs: the Samsung 850 EVO and the Samsung 850 PRO. The EVO is the consumer model, while the PRO is designed for the more rigorous demands of professionals. While the PRO models can be a bit faster, the major difference comes down to reliability. Both models also come in different sizes. Initially, the models were offered in smaller sizes, such as Samsung 120 GB SSDs. As the technology developed, manufacturers introduced larger drives, including 1 TB SSDs. You can now find drives that are four times as spacious.

Important Features

Samsung SSDs make use of the company's 3D V-NAND memory. This overcame the limits imposed by older planar NAND technology, meaning memory could be packed more densely. In addition, these SSDs support AES 256-bit encryption. On the software front, Samsung SSDs come with software to help migrate data from existing drives, making installation a much easier process.