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Samsung Solid State Drives

Samsung Solid State Drives

Samsung solid-state drives, or SSDs, are a memory storage option similar to the more common hard disk drives or HDD. Unlike HDDs, solid-state drives have no moving mechanical parts.

What Are the Features of Samsung Solid State Drives?

Samsung SSDs have several core differences and features in comparison to HDDs.

  • Speed:As Samsung SSDs retrieve stored data in a purely electronic fashion without relying on disk rotation and mechanical reader heads like HDDs, they can access and transfer data at a more rapid pace.
  • Noise: Due to the lack of moving parts, Samsung SSDs are almost silent.
  • Reliability: The solid construction of Samsung SSDs makes them more resistant to shock than HDDs. A HDD may become corrupted if it is jolted or moved while the head is writing data to the disk. This does not happen with Samsung SSDs.
  • Compatibility: Samsung SSDs use the same input/output architecture as HDDs and so are compatible with all devices that can use the older HDD designs. They can seamlessly replace existing HDDs without issue.

What Sizes Are Samsung SSDs?

The two key drawbacks to solid-state drives in comparison to HDDs is that they are much more expensive in terms of memory storage per dollar. While a mid-range HDD may store 2TB, a similarly priced SSD may only hold 250GB. Most SSDs are between 120GB to 1TB.

What Types Of Samsung SSD Are Available?

Samsung SSDs are available in different models. As Samsung improve on their SSD technology, newer models are released with better specs. One of the major improvements overall has been to SSD longevity, with some now having a warranty of 10 years.

  • Samsung 850 EVO:An older model that still has excellent value for money.
  • Samsung 860 EVO: A replacement for the 850 series, with noticeable increased speeds and cost.
  • Samsung 860 PRO: Similar in most regards to the Samsung 860 EVO, with an increased cost. Main benefit is an increased endurance (4800 Terabytes Written) for high use situations.
  • Samsung 960 PRO: One of the newest Samsung SSDs, the 960 PRO uses the PCIe slot rather than a standard hard drive slot to maximise its data transfer rates, reaching speeds of up to 3.5GB/s.

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