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Samsung TV Wall Mounts and Brackets

If you have bought a new TV and you don’t have a stand to put it on, why not look at mounting it on the wall with TV wall mounts and brackets? Hanging your new Samsung television on a wall saves space and ensures that it stays out of harm’s way if you have young children. There is a range of TV wall mounts that are suitable specifically for Samsung TV's and are easy to assemble yourself.

Ultra Slim Wall Mount

The Ultra Slim wall mount will hang your TV just like a picture frame using one hole in the wall and can hold a 32 inch to 40-inch Samsung TV that weighs up to 20kg. It only takes one person to install and your TV will hang about 15mm out from the wall. You can use this TV bracket on any type of wall with minimal mess and fuss.

No Gap Wall Mount

Samsung No Gap wall mounts for QLED TVs are not one size fits all so you will need to find the right one to suit your size of television. These models give the ability to limit the space between the wall and your TV and you can install by yourself quickly.

Slim Mini Wall Mount

The Samsung Slim Mini wall mount can hold your TV if it is 32 inches or if it is 100 inches so is perfect for you in case you decide to upgrade one day. It is able to hold up to 50kg and you can install it yourself quickly and easily.

Where Can I Mount?

You can mount your Samsung television anywhere where you have space on the wall. Use the TV brackets to mount it in the living room so the whole family can watch TV together, mount it in your bedroom so you can get comfortable watching your favourite movie, or mount on the kitchen wall so you can watch while you cook.