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Samsung Tablets

In the world of tablets and eBook readers, there are a lot of Samsung models that cover a range of different features. Samsung tablets have been produced since the first appearance of these devices on the market, actively changing and trying to answer all user needs. Various screen technologies, screen sizes and performance metrics can be found on different Samsung models. To pick the right model, one has to consider portability, connectivity, budget and main use.

Screen Sizes and Portability

A Samsung tablet's size is mainly dependent on the display size, and it can vary between 7 and 12.9 inches. Smaller tablets are easier to carry and some of them can be operated easily with one hand. A smaller Samsung tablet might even be easier to fit in your vehicle if you wish to use it as a GPS or media device. Those who are more interested in gaming performance and viewing HD videos, might want to opt for a larger model, due to the benefits of having a larger view surface. All Samsung models are good eBook readers, but keep in mind that smaller models are also lighter which can be very important for frequent users

Tablet Connectivity

Connectivity is one key feature that can make a big difference on the overall performance of a tablet. All Samsung tablets offer Wi-Fi connectivity, most have Bluetooth and a good number of them can use mobile cellular data as well. Choose a model which can use a SIM card if your tablet use requires constant connectivity. Many mobile carriers offer special tablet packages, and depending on the bandwidth and data available from the carrier, the cellular network tablets might be able to constantly sync with social media, enable calls on various platforms and allow media streaming. Bluetooth connectivity is also very important, as it enables integration with other devices, such as joysticks and keyboards, making your Samsung tablet more versatile in its use

Consider the Use

Additional features in a Samsung tablet are easier to look for, if the main tablet use is well known. Those who want a simple reader might not need a front-facing high-resolution camera, however, if taking video calls or selfies is part of the plan, a good camera on the front becomes a necessity. Designers can benefit from using advanced Samsung models that come with professional drawing software and a stylus for precision. Those who wish to do a lot of typing can opt for a Samsung tablet with a keyboard cover or even a transformer laptop where the screen detaches and turns into a tablet.

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