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Samsung Televisions

Samsung Televisions

Picking a television nowadays can be time-consuming and sometimes confusing with all of the different technical specifications. Besides screen size, there are many other factors to consider. Connectivity, display type, ports, curvature, and screen resolution are just some aspects to ponder when shopping for a modern TV. Luckily, Samsung Televisions are among the top options in the business since the companys first foray into TVs in the 1970s, so even the most budget-oriented consumer can find one that’s just right.


Liquid crystal displays (LCD) are the most common types of screens, and you can find some inexpensive ones. Samsung LCD televisions come in a multitude of screen resolutions and generally produce excellent picture quality depending on the lighting. The more affordable models like the Samsung LA26A450C1D feature a vibrant screen that uses cold cathode fluorescent lights (CCFLs) to light up the screen. Unfortunately, this does make the TV thicker though, so it may not suit those who prefer or need a slim profile.


Light emitting diode (LED) TVs come in a number of lighting configurations to make the screen brighter and more crisp. A good bet is the Samsung Q9F QLED TV. Samsung’s Quantum Dot LED technology adds a quantum dot film for producing unprecedented colour production. Samsung LED televisions owe their light weight and thinness to power efficient LEDs that make the screen look vibrant. These hang on the wall much easier, and later models can engulf an entire wall like a huge picture frame.


Plasma TVs use screens that light up tiny cells sandwiched in two plates of glass to produce crisp, bright images and negate motion blur. The 51-inch Samsung H4500 Series 4 Plasma TV is able to produce clear action images, which makes it ideal for watching sports. It is thicker than LED or even LCD TVs, but the trade-off of zero motion blur is good for sports and action fans.