Popular SanDisk Products

Take advantage of reliable SanDisk data storage and memory solutions   

Want important data at your fingertips? Need to know that data is safe and secure when it’s not being accessed? Sounds like you could benefit from some SanDisk technology.   

SanDisk is one of the largest manufacturers of flash memory and a market leader in all things data storage, with millions of people relying on the brand’s solutions every single day. Whether you require a place to keep essential documents, photos, videos or any other digital folders and files, SanDisk makes it possible with minimal fuss or financial outlay.   

Select from reliable and high-quality flash memory devices such as memory cards and readers, USB flash drives, solid state drives (SSD), and other digital storage accessories for your favourite consumer electronics products.   

SanDisk USB flash drives   

Fit all the information you need to access for the day or week onto one tiny device and take it with you everywhere you go. That’s the advantage of carrying around a 2.0, 3.0 or 3.1 USB specification SanDisk USB flash drive in your bag or pocket. From 4GB to 256GB flash drive memory and multiple storage limits in between, these little gadgets deliver big results for busy professionals and those frequently working on various personal projects. With your files loaded on the USB memory stick and readily available, you’ll always be able to share, transfer, create, add, remove and generally keep track of all kinds of data.   

SanDisk memory cards for mobile phones   

SanDisk also supplies a comprehensive range of SanDisk memory cards for mobile phones in multiple formats including MicroSD, MicroSDHC, SDXC, MicroSDXC, SDHC, MicroSDXC UHS-I, MicroSDHC UHS-I, SD, and SDXC UHS-I, as well as the full spectrum of storage capacities up to 512GB.   

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