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Sand Pits for Children

The pleasure children gain from playing in a simple tray, trough or pit containing sand is immeasurable. This seaside replica fires the childs and is a good setting for teamwork, too. Before choosing a sand pit for your children, there are a number of considerations and features you might want to think about. 

Sand Pit Hygiene 

Sandpits can be a source of infection if they are not kept clean. The biggest problems are cats, animals and even the children using them as a toilet. Choosing a sandpit with good drainage as well as regularly raking and washing of the sand with water will help keep it clean. A cover keeps unwanted visitors and moisture from entering the play area. 

Sand Pit Safety 

Sand pits are generally safe for children, but there are some potential hazards. Small toys, unwelcome dirt and debris can be put into children’s mouths if they are not well supervised. In the case of outdoor sand pits, exposure to the sun is another potential problem, so overhead shade is important. Choose a sturdy sandpit with an awning, if necessary. Otherwise, locate it in abundant shade. Install age-appropriate toys and purchase or make a cover that will protect the sand when not in use, especially from heavy rain. 

Raised or Ground Level Sand Areas 

If investing in only a small quantity of sand, where perhaps play is restricted to a balcony or deck, you might decide to try a sand and water table that children reach from outside; this avoids the problems associated with physically playing inside the pit. For a larger volume of sand, a bigger structure that sits at ground level is needed. Sandpits which incorporate bench seating can be a practical and good-looking solution. 

Sand Pit Materials 

More often than not, wood is the preferred material for sand pit construction. It needs to be smooth and splinter-free. Plastic is another common material, especially for smaller sand pits. Plastic is less durable, as it becomes brittle in the sun. Some sand pits include an integral shade or sail. You will need to keep any canvas or cloth canopy clean and dry wherever possible to prolong its lifespan. 

Other great ways to get the kids to play outdoors is with a cubby house, which can also be found on eBay. Find a sand pit that your child will love on eBay today.   

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