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Sandler have been producing quality shoes for decades now. The brand is known and trusted to create comfortable shoes that provide support and cushioning against the stresses that a hard day's work can bring to tired and worn out feet. But it's also focused on looks. Sandler produce shoes for all sorts of situations, and in all sorts of styles. To every pair, though, Sandler add an extra dollop of the softness and supportiveness that make its shoes so beloved - especially to those who spend a lot of their day on their feet, but still must adhere to strict dress codes. It also adheres to Ethical Clothing Australia guidelines on auditing factories to ensure ethical working conditions for employees and is committed to constant improvement around looking after workers' rights.

Sandler Heels

A great pair of heels can be the difference between an OK evening outfit and one that's absolutely gorgeous. Sandler produce several heels for day and night wear, and true to their calling, these tend to be more comfortable than your standard heels. If you're trying to figure out what sort of heels to buy for a particular outfit, we've put together a few guidelines for you. Firstly, if your outfit is flashy - embroidery, metallic threads, sequins, crystals and the like - aim for a quieter shoe that complements the base or detailing colour. For example, a little black dress with silver embroidery: you could pick plain black or plain silver heels to go with it.

Secondly, the material in the shoe is important. If you're looking to match an evening outfit - for a cocktail party or formal dinner, for example - you'll want something in suede, velvet, or satin, or leather with sequin or crystal detailing. Thirdly, the style of shoe. Ankle strap heels can provide valuable stability, but can also make your legs look shorter, sabotaging your point in wearing heels in the first place. They look best with trousers and long, ankle length skirts. Stilettos tend to work with pretty much any outfit but can look underwhelming with longer skirts. They tend to work best with short skirts and pencil skirts that are already helping to lengthen the look of your legs. Kitten heels tend to work well with knee length dresses and skirts, or slim line trousers that end just above the ankle. Wedges tend to look good with more casual outfits, but a strappy pair in a metallic shade can work well for more formal events - just avoid wearing with midi length dresses or you'll end up with stumpy looking legs.

Sandler Flats

Flats are a great choice in a shoe, whether you're looking for something more casual or an alternative to wearing heels to an evening soiree. While once upon a time, heels were the go-to choice for semi-formal and formal events, these days you'll find a range of flats that are both comfortable and dressy. If you're looking for a pair of shoes to wear with an evening dress, a good start is to look for something a bit flashy.

The style itself doesn't matter as much as you might think; a pair of ballet flats with black velvet uppers will look great with a cocktail dress or formal dress, and a pair of flat strappy silver sandals studded with crystals will look great with cool colours like blues, greens, and greys, as well as black and white. While we say the style doesn't matter too much, though, we don't mean it doesn't matter at all: shoes that we'd tend to class as super casual, like thongs (flip flops) and sneakers might well be covered in sequins or have satin uppers… but they'll usually still look too casual to look great. They can look great, but it takes a great eye for style to pull off this sort of look with evening wear - if in doubt, avoid them.

Sandler Sandals & Flip Flops

Sandler has always made a great range of sandals and flip flops to suit any foot. The brand's care for comfort and support means that its sandals tend to provide a lot more comfort than most other brands. However, it's important to realise that your foot conformation, and your natural gait, can have a lot of bearing on which sandals you'll find most comfortable - and which will suit you best. If you have high arches, then there's a good chance that you over pronate - you roll your foot a lot as you walk.

For over pronators, a good pair of sandals will have pronounced arch support and a flexible sole. However, because of the way your feet move when you walk, you might find sandals with back straps to be uncomfortable. Look for sandals with adjustable back straps, or with ankle straps instead. If you have a very low arch, on the other hand, there's a good chance that you under pronate - your foot doesn't roll enough as you walk. You might find that sandals with firm soles and not much arch support suit you better. If in doubt, talk to a podiatrist to find out what sandals will work best for your feet.

Sandler Leather Shoes

A lot of Sandler's shoes are made from leather, and there's good reason for that. Leather is hard wearing, natural, and conforms to the shape of your foot over time. It looks good, and with some basic care will keep looking good for years to come. Leather's weaknesses tend to be water and heat - and especially combinations of the two. To keep your leather shoes looking great, try to avoid getting the leather wet. A leather waterproofing spray can help with that. If the leather does get wet, try to air it until dry as soon as possible. Don't expose it to heat to try to get it to dry faster; this can make the leather lose natural oils so that it becomes brittle and dull.

Sandler Suede Shoes

Suede is the inner layer of leather. Most leather used in shoes contains two layers - the tougher outer layer and the softer inner layer. Suede leather, on the other hand, is what you get when those layers are separated, and only the inner layer remains. It's typically softer and more flexible than other leathers. Because of this, it's much in demand for higher end shoes, because of its luxurious feel. Sandler have produced some gorgeous suede shoes over the years, and you'll find some amazing new and vintage styles right here on eBay.