Attending a formal event can sometimes be daunting because of the pressure to dress up. However, this doesn’t have to be a burden. On the contrary, it can be a fun fashion challenge that does not have to be costly. Here are some reminders on how to look glam for a formal event without breaking a sweat.

It’s better to come in a dressy outfit than come underdressed for a formal event. It’s easier to tone down a look than to glam it up on the spot.

It’s important to accessorise but make sure to not overdo it. One or two pieces of statement jewellery should be enough to complete your look. A chunky necklace can accentuate a simple monochromatic dress while a pair of oversized or drop earrings is great with your pantsuit.

If you’re wearing an elaborate dress, keep your shoes simple. Or vice versa. For a night-time event, make sure to wear evening shoes. Evening shoes are much like dress shoes but with a few other things like embellishments (studs, crystals, pearls or rhinestones) and maybe even luxurious fabrics. Velvet or suede shoes are also good options for evening wear footwear. Black is a classic colour for evening shoes because it is easy to pair with practically any dress or outfit. Silver is another good colour; it’s great with white or lighter colours and can also be worn with black or darker coloured outfits.

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