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Sansui Audio Amplifiers

When it comes to music, never underestimate the importance of amplifiers. Sansui amps can turn even the weakest signal into something strong enough to drive a good pair of speakers. No matter what kind of music you listen to, most sources just arent strong enough to drive speakers directly. The last thing you want to do is to try and drive a speaker with a signal it can barely detect. Sansui audio is a great way to build a system that will last you for years.

How Does an Amplifier Work?

All amplifiers do basically the same thing. They take an incoming signal and increase it to the point that you can do something with it. This increase is the gain, and that phrase can refer to voltage, current, or power. You also have to consider the bandwidth, which is the range of frequencies the amplifier can work with. Sounds outside the bandwidth range arent amplified, and an attempt to drive past the maximum gain will simply produce distortion. There are two basic kinds of amps:

  • Signal Amplifiers: Also known as voltage amplifiers, these units amplify the voltage but not necessarily the power. They commonly appear in the preamplifier stage because they can work very well with weak signals.
  • Power Amplifier: Power amplifiers increase more than just the voltage, they also increase the current so they let you do more work. In the audio industry, power amplifiers are commonly for drive speakers.

What is the Difference Between Tube and Solid State Amps?

The majority of amps rely on one of two different technologies: tubes, also known as valves, or solid-state. Tube amps reflect the older analogue technology, while solid-state amps use transistors and reflect the newer digital technology. There are some hybrid amps with both tubes and solid-state circuitry, but most rely on one technology or the other.

  • Tube Amps: Tubes provide a warmer sound than transistors; they work well with vinyl because they provide an entirely analogue path to the speakers with no digital conversion. They are more expensive, but many people like the tone.
  • Solid-State Amps: Solid-state units are more efficient. They use less power and tend to last longer. While they often offer a more accurate reproduction, some people find the tone too cold for their liking.

Choosing a Sansui Amplifier

Every companys products work best together; the engineers have the advantage of working the issue from both sides. A Sansui receiver pairs best with a Sansui integrated amplifier, because the amplifiers bandwidth is for the receivers output. If you have a turntable, always go for an amplifier with a dedicated phono in, as it can handle the weaker signal. You want as many channels as you have speakers, and remember to pick a more powerful amplifier for larger rooms.