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Founded in 1898, Saucony was originally a Pennsylvanian brand. The name is taken from the Kutztown area’s prime water source – Saucony Creek. Just twelve short years later, a rival operation would open in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Abraham Hyde, a Russian immigrant, built a strong brand based on footwear that was of high quality and technologically advanced. It was Hyde who would later purchase the Saucony brand and move the company to Cambridge. The story doesn’t end there. A Boston company later bought Saucony, in 2005, and continues to create performance footwear with grid cushioning, inspired by spider webs to create cushioning in every step. 

Saucony isn’t just known for its grid design. They’re also recognised for their arch-lock, flexion plate, and the comfortemp which adjusts to temperature changes in your skin. They produce more than just running shoes. Saucony has become a brand name whispered in houses across the world. It has grown to be one of the biggest footwear brands, teaming up with several premier footwear boutiques. 

Saucony Athletic Shoes for Men

Saucony athletic shoes for men offers style, comfort, and function. With many running shoes to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect pair for your running style and needs. You know that running is great for maintaining (or losing) weight, that it helps blood pressure levels and increases lung capacity. You don’t need a whole lot of equipment to go running, but the shoes on your feet are an incredibly important factor in your fight for fitness. 

There are a few important factors to consider when you purchase running shoes. Midsole cushioning is one of the first things to consider. This area between your heel and ball needs appropriate cushioning to reduce the stress on the toes, heels, and ankles. The right cushioning can prevent injuries to your hips, knees, and back and boosts the mechanics of your body. 

Arch support is crucial for everyone, but particularly the flat-footed among us. Everyone benefits from additional arch support in all of their shoes, but particularly in running shoes. 

The shoes you wear can protect you from injuries, this is particularly important in terms of running shoes. The right arch support of midsole cushioning can help protect you from joint pain, stress fractures, and other injuries such as tendonitis. While many people embrace the joy of barefoot running, they run the risk of serious injuries. 

Finally, one of the handy benefits of great running shoes is an improvement in your performance. You will always perform better when your feet are supported and protected by high-quality footwear like Saucony athletic shoes for men. 

Saucony Athletic Shoes for Women

The same benefits above extend to Saucony athletic shoes for women. In this category you will find several options, whether you’re looking for traditional running shoes, walking shoes or fashion sneakers. With footwear boutiques popping up all over the world and sneakerheads speaking openly about their passion for shoes, you can’t overlook the rise of the fashion sneaker. A sneakerhead is simply someone who admires and collects sneakers as a hobby. They’re passionate about sneakers, they’re dedicated to advancing their collection, and they tend to know an awful lot about the history and origins of various sneakers. They just really love a great pair of sneakers. 

Gone are the days of sneakers serving only one function (comfort). Now, with Saucony athletic shoes for women, you can opt for a fashion pair of sneakers. Sure, you can wear those suede sneakers on your morning run. Or, you could wear them with a well put together outfit. 

You will also find great walking shoes in the Saucony athletic shoes for women. A lot of people fall into the trap of thinking that running shoes will do for walking and vice versa. Your body moves differently in a run than it does in a walk. If you do more of one than the other, then you should purchase shoes that reflect your prominent physical activity. You can browse a wide variety of footwear. Running shoes aren’t just running shoes. They are broken down into additional categories like racing, neutral, stability, and trail running. You can find the perfect pair of shoes for the type of running you prefer. This means that your feet will be fully protected, supported, and covered. 

Saucony Men’s Casual Shoes

Do you like suede, leather or rubber shoes? Are you interested in sneakers, athletic, or casual shoes? If you want a great pair of walking shoes, then shopping for rubber shoes is probably an excellent choice. They tend to wear slowly which means you can rack up the miles wherever you walk. Leather is a good choice for people who prefer their shoes for fashion purposes. You want a shoe that’s reliable, breathable, and water-resistant, and that’s what you get with Saucony leather shoes. Of course, suede is also a good choice for fashion sneakers. 

The Shadow range is an excellent example of sneakers that serve as both functional running shoes, but also slick fashion-wear. In particular, the Ripstop is an incredible example of fashionable, but functional shoes. They’re high-mileage shoes, they offer classic support and provide the killer cushioning that has become synonymous with the Saucony brand. With a combination of leather and suede, you get all the benefits of a retro shoe and the classic feel of high-quality running shoes.

It isn’t just women and men who can enjoy the benefits of Saucony shoes, there are also plenty of options to choose from in the children’s range. Kids are never too young to learn the power of exercise and the benefit of looking after their health and fitness.

If you’re ready to become a Saucony customer, then you will be glad to know you can find a wide range of products on eBay. Whether you are a major sneakerhead or you just love sneakers that look good, then you need at least one pair of Saucony shoes. In addition to their footwear range, Saucony also offers a range of clothing and accessories to make every run that little bit easier.