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Scalextric Slot Car Tracks

Scalextric Slot Car Tracks

Scalextric first came onto the market in the late 1950s with their slot car racing sets and tracks quickly becoming popular. The Scalextric sets, cars, tracks, and accessories are still in production, but there is also a large market for used and vintage condition items. Now belonging to Hornby Hobbies, their range of products is larger than ever and their tracks work with both new and old parts. Scalextric slot cars and tracks are compatible with all other parts, giving you the freedom to build the circuits you want and create a whole new world using just your imagination.

What Track Parts Do Scalextric Make?

Whether you have an individual track part or a complete circuit, youll be able to change the layout as you wish and create something new every time for your Scalextric cars. These are some individual track parts that you can purchase from eBay, both new and used:

  • Digital track: The newer range of digital Scalextric track parts feature pit lane sensors, track changes, and outer borders.
  • Straights: No circuit is complete without at least a few straight runs, so these parts are imperative to any track.
  • Curves: There are varying degrees of curves available to build short, sharp corners or long and winding ones.
  • Extension packs: These comprehensive packs can either incorporate into another circuit or disassemble for individual parts.

Are There Track Accessories?

To give your car tracks a little more personality, there are plenty of great accessories available from Scalextric. Here are a few additions you can use with your tracks and sets to make your scale world more lifelike:

  • Track and bridge support: Gives additional support to your tracks, roads, and bridges.
  • Control towers: A realistic addition to your track that gives you a control point during races.
  • Track supports and clips: Strengthens your tracks and gives support.
  • Barriers: Keep your motorists safe with track barriers around tight corners.
  • Cross overs: Gives you the option to make an elevated cross over to allow cars to pass over one another.