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Choosing race day dresses or racewear is a fun fashion challenge but it can be quite tricky, especially for first timers. It’s definitely not just a cocktail dress nor is it evening wear. It’s not formal but it’s not casual either. Racewear is a classic but modern well-put together outfit from head to toe. It exudes stylish elegance that is modest yet fashion-forward.

Here are some tips on how to nail that impeccable race day look.

Consider the weather. For spring races, you can opt for lace and floral dresses. Pair this with open-toed heels, pumps or wedges. Don’t forget the straw hat and try accentuating with tulle or feathers. For autumn races, opt for a dress with sleeves and avoid open-toed footwear. Think structured and tailored pieces with heeled ankle boots or pumps. Wool, leather and even metal headpieces are acceptable.

Do not forget the millinery. It’s the most recognisable element of racewear and your outfit will not be complete without it. It can be a hat, headband or headpiece. Just make sure that it doesn’t clash with your dress.

Keep it modest. The midi length hem is ideal for racewear. Thicker straps and features sleeves are a good choice. Plunging necklines are a no-no. Avoid stretchy and thin fabrics. Choose something that is fairly thick and that drapes nicely.

A popular silhouette for race day dresses is the pencil cut because it’s classic, suits a lot of body types and is easy to find in stores or online. Try a fishtail skirt which can be ruffled or layered to provide a contrast to the main skirt.

Scanlan Theodore is a brand that features simple, clean and modern aesthetics. Their collection includes ready to wear pieces including dresses, tops, knitwear, clothes and jackets as well as stylish racewear for spring racing and accessories.

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