Scanlens footy cards galore!

Trading cards have certainly evolved a lot over the years. Today, you can collect trading cards for almost everything. You’ve got Star Wars cards, Match Attax soccer cards and of course, the extremely popular NBA trading cards. You can even collect cards that are parts of games, such as Magic: The Gathering and Pokémon.

However, if you were a child in the 60s, 70s, 80s or 90s, you likely remember a much simpler time when Scanlens footy cards ruled the playground. You’d buy a packet at the local newsagency and rush to see which footy stars you’d collected. If you got duplicates, you’d trade them on the playground. Some kids even went so far as to make up entire card games based on the player’s statistics listed on the card.

So, if you’ve got old collections that are missing a few cards, you should know that it’s never too late to complete those sets. eBay has stacks of Scanlens footy cards, and while they may not be as visually impressive as modern trading cards, they’re still a whole lot of fun to collect.

How to buy Scanlens footy cards

Because Scanlens no longer produces VFL/AFL footy cards, you won’t find a lot of brand-new packets around. But there are still ways you can collect them – it just takes a little more effort than it used to. Having said that, there was no internet or online marketplaces back in the Scanlens days, so in some ways, it’s easier than ever to find cards. Here are some options:

  • Bulk card packs: Many sellers on eBay might sell bulk sets of cards, some with duplicates and some without. Others may have entire seasons or entire teams for sale. This is a good way to get a large number of cards while still being selective about what you’re buying.
  • Individual cards: Some cards are rarer than others, and therefore, many sellers offer them individually. Depending on the condition and rarity, some can cost quite a bit. This is the perfect way to complete certain sets though.