Scentsy Buddy

Adorable and collectable, Scentsy stuffed animals can become your kids' best friend. Each Scentsy Buddy has a name and a unique personality that you can find out about on the brand’s website. They even have their own set of favourites and ambitions. With so many different buddies available, there is one perfect friend for everyone. Soft, adorable and nicely scented, Scentsy Buddy might tag along everywhere your kids go.

Scentsy Fragrances

Scentsy is a brand that sells amazing fragrances in a variety of product types. They sell their fragrances in bars, sprays, tins and oils. You can also get diffusers and scent warmers to place in your home or office to keep your space smelling nice. Scentsy offers a wide range of fragrances. From refreshing citrus scents to spicy, woody and fruity fragrances, there is a scent to appeal to everyone. If you prefer sweet and warm smells, Scentsy also has a range of bakery themed fragrances. With these indulgent options, you can have your home, office or car constantly smelling like freshly baked apple pie, lemongrass or pomegranates.

Scentsy Buddy Design

All Scentsy Buddies share a feature that sets them apart from any other plush toy. They all have a zippered pouch integrated into their design that allows you to tuck a Scentsy Pak inside. It diffuses a fragrance throughout your stuffed friend so your favourite plush smells like your favourite scent. Moreover, Scentsy Buddy Clips are smaller versions with a solid plastic clip attached, which are filled with scented beads unique to them.

Other Scentsy Products

The brand has many other product ranges available. One closely related to the Scentsy Buddy line is the Scentsy Sidekick range. Very baby friendly, each Sidekick comes with teething rings and crinkly legs that your baby will love to play with. In addition, the company has a range of laundry products, including dryer disks, laundry liquids and fabric softeners. Lastly, Scenty bath and body products range from bath bombs and body creams to lotions.