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Turn your home into a sanctuary with Scentsy

If you love creating a sense of relaxation in your home, why not do it with Scentsy? Make your home smell its best with Scentsy home fragrances. Are you one of those who doesn't have just one favourite fragrance? Do you like your house to smell like you've been baking an apple pie one day and a day at the beach the next? Then Scentsy has a bar for you. What's more, with the wide assortment of bars available, you can go weeks without burning the same scent. In addition to wax melts, Scentsy offers body products, essential oils and laundry and cleaning supplies.

Warmers and Wax Melts

Don't settle for a boring warmer, when Scentsy has a massive collection of different styles, sizes, and designs. For example, a modern home decor might like the Amber Fluted Shade Warmer, while the sports fan would prefer the Atlanta Braves, MLB Warmer. These warmers use a bulb to melt the wax and release the fragrance. Go ahead and put in your desired bar or mix it up by combining scents and burning two or more bars at the same time.

People love these warmers and wax melt because they're so easy to use and offer a nice alternative to standard candles and oil burners. It also helps that there are so many different bright, colourful fragrances to choose from. They look great around the home, and they smell even better!

Car Bars for Scent on the Go

You have your go-to scent, but why be limited to where you can use it. In today's modern world we spend a lot of time in our cars, so why not bring your favourite fragrances with you whenever you're out on the road? With a Scentsy car bar, you can carry over the smell from inside your home to your auto.

Choose a bar to hang from your rear-view mirror or pick a travel tin to make your car smell its best. Slide the cover open a little for a hint of aroma or open a lot to release a burst of smell. The convenience is there, giving you plenty of control over how much fragrance you want to be released.

The best thing about these travel tins is you don't need to keep them restricted just to the car. They're also perfect for keeping other small spaces smelling pleasant, such as closets, drawers, lockers or even smaller rooms like the toilet or bathroom.

Diffusers and Essential Oils

Many love the benefits of aromatherapy which is why oil diffuser home fragrances have become a must-have in most homes. As with the warmers, there are many models available, making it easy to find the perfect one to match your home decor. Each of the essential oils offered by the company is sourced from the finest natural ingredients around the world. Diffuse with lavender to reduce stress and tension or use lemon to increase energy.

Body Products

Nourish your skin with vitamin-rich body products. Refresh your body with Pineapple Coconut Vanilla, Sea Salt and Avocado or Peach and White Amber. Scentsy body products include Body Cream, Bath Bombs, Body Souffle, Body Wash, Hand Soap and Fragrance Roller. Shop on eBay today.