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Schecter Electric Guitars

Schecter Electric Guitars

Schecter, formally Schecter Guitar Research, was founded in the 1970s and is considered a high-end premier guitar and bass manufacturer. Well-known for custom-built guitars, basses and specially-built amps, Schecters products were custom-made in small batches until 1998, when partnership with a high-end South Korean manufacturer allowed the company to introduce the Diamond Series line of non-custom products to consumers.

Schecter Electric Guitar String Configurations

Schecter electric guitars come in many string configurations to meet multiple playing styles and complexities. There are Schecter 6-string electric guitars, Schecter 7-string electric guitars and Schecter 8-string electric guitars.

Schecter Electric Guitar Body Types

Schecter electric guitars come in two different body types: solid and semi-hollow. Solid-body guitars were first developed by Leo Fender, and were manufactured to have a high-end bite, which produces a greater versatility and ability to maximise the ranges of pedals and amps. Theyre easily the most popular body format for electric guitars, and are the least fussy when paired with other electrical equipment. Semi-hollow body electric guitars have only a small chamber in the body, which in ideal cases and with expert manufacturing, allow a guitar to achieve both the full sound of a hollow-bodied guitar and the biting tones of a solid-body guitar. They are popular with guitarists who used these qualities to create unique sounds, like John Lennon, Jack White and Dave Grohl.

Schecter Electric Guitar Body Colours

Schecter electric guitars come in a wide variety of colours and finishes. Popular colours include black, white and blue, though one can also find these guitars in grey, green, purple, red and orange. Silver, gold and sunburst options have a special iridescent finish, and one can also find plain hardwood finishes. The metal finishes of the guitar bodies come in steel, gold, rose-gold and brass colours.

Schecter Electric Guitar Options

Schecter electric guitars come in right-handed and left-handed varieties. Some also come with straps and carrying cases, or are manufactured in solid wood or composite materials. Some guitars come with extended range, left- or right-placed frets, large centre-fret insets or even with special fret-insert designs.