School Locker

School Lockers

Not just useful for school purposes, school lockers offer a cool, non-traditional storage alternative for numerous uses. Typically heavy-duty and durable, lockers can keep items inside protected from harm or damage. Available in an array of colours and designs, lockers are easy to customise for a variety of uses.

School Locker Types

Though standard school lockers are tall, vertical storage cabinets made of metal, there are a few variations on the traditional locker design. While you can purchase those classic lockers, generally in sets that include one, two or three individual locker compartments, you can also buy lockers that are divided into smaller units. Instead of three long lockers, you could purchase a unit with six medium-sized lockers, or 12 smaller lockers. There are also units that look like one slim locker, but theyre divided into six small lockers. Another option is to opt for a locker that looks like a file cabinet, with horizontal drawers instead of vertical compartments.

School Locker Colours

Though most lockers are traditionally grey in colour, there are other options available. You can choose glossy or matte black school lockers, or select chic white storage cabinets. There are dual-coloured options, such as black exteriors with silver lockers. You can also customise lockers by painting them or adding magnets or other decorations to the cabinets.

School Locker Features

Lockers are just the right size for multiple storage purposes. If youd like to ensure that your possessions are safe in the locker, choose lockers with a built-in lock or with the option to install a lock. Some lockers have vents to keep air flowing through them, and there are models that include a space to put a name plate or tag. You could select a steel locker that will stand the test of time, and if youre purchasing large, vertical lockers, opt for designs that include interior shelves for increased functionality. For instance, choose lockers with rods inside to hang clothing or other options that feature an interior mirror inside the locker door.

School Locker Uses

School lockers work well for schools, but you can also use them for gyms, spas, salons and offices. Lockers are a terrific way to help your kids keep their gear organised at home, and you can keep them in your mudroom and let each child hang their school bag and jacket up each day in their own locker, so they can always find their belongings. Alternatively, put lockers in the garage to help organise tools or sports equipment, or you can repurpose them into stylish bookshelves, a pantry or an entryway coat hanger.