Get Your Must-Have School Supplies Online

Whether you’re home schooling or you’re shopping for items to fill the kid’s pencil cases and desk drawers, there is plenty of fun to be had with school supplies on eBay.

Types of school supplies

It doesn’t matter what age you are or what you’re studying, if you’re attending school or university, you’re going to need the right supplies. What you get depends on your age – with some items being more common for different age groups. For example:

Before School: Just because your children aren’t at school yet, doesn’t mean they don’t need school supplies. By handing crayons or chalk to your three year old, you can introduce them to the world of writing, drawing and colouring – enhancing their gross motor skills as well. Other craft supplies such as paints and of course paper are essential for any young child as well.

Primary School: At this age, you’ll focus mostly on crafty and arty supplies, such as scissors and glue, pens and pencils, rubbers and crayons. Writing books and notebooks are a must-have, and stock up on your printer paper as well – if they’re not taking it to school, they’re bound to go through plenty at home as they learn to master drawing, writing and creativity (paper aeroplanes, for example). You might also need some convention handwriting books from prominent manufacturers – check with your school for details.

High School/ University: Textbooks come into play and you’ll find a range of these on eBay – both brand new and second hand. Dictionaries and maths equipment are needed, folders and binders, scientific calculators and compasses. There could be novels for advanced English, and of course specialist equipment for classes like photography (cameras and film) and cooking (knife sets and uniforms).

When you shop on eBay you’ll find all of the above, along with a range of novelty items, including pens in the shape of a crab and plush pencil cases. Browse through the range until you find what you’re after.