Schrade Collectable Vintage Folding Knives


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Tackle Any Cutting Task Using Schrade Collectible Vintage Folding Knives

You can find several styles and configurations of old Schrade knives for sale at reasonable prices on eBay. Many of the vintage Schrade knives you will come across make great collectibles, but they are also fully functioning blades that can help you with everyday jobs that require a quick cut. Getting to know some of the main styles of Schrade-Walden knives you will discover can help you choose the models that meet your specifications.

Are there different blade materials?

Yes, Schrade-Walden primarily used two types of steel for the vintage folding knives you'll find on eBay. Each type is suitable for a variety of cutting tasks, but the different properties have some impact on how you might use the blades. The main kinds of steel you can choose from for Schrade-Walden folding knives are:

  • Stainless: This is one of the most common types of steel you can find in vintage Schrade folding knives. The properties of the steel tend to help it keep a sharp edge for a long time and are intended to help prevent corrosion.
  • Carbon: These types of blades have a higher concentration of carbon than their stainless-steel counterparts. If you want to get your hands on an old Schrade knife that can take an edge quickly, this might be a good choice for you.
Design options for Schrade knives

One of the ways you can find the old Schrade knives that appeal to your tastes or match your current collections is by design. Although the blades on vintage Schrade folding knives tend to be plain and utilitarian, the handles often feature intricate patterns that make the items appealing collectibles. In many cases, these designs are influenced by the materials used for the handles. Some of your options are:

  • Brass: The liners in many old Schrade knives are brass, but you can find some models that use full brass handles as well. This material takes on a natural patina as it ages.
  • Wood: Some Schrade knives have natural wood handles that show the colour or grain of the wood.
  • Scrimshaw: Schrade scrimshaw knives for sale usually use smooth bone that is overlaid with carved or painted patterns.
Can you choose different kinds of blades?

Yes, you can find unused and pre-owned Schrade-Walden folding knives that have different blade shapes or styles. Each kind of blade is intended to help you with specific cutting tasks you might have. The standard clip point edge works well for a variety of everyday jobs, and the hawkbill has a curved edge at the top for angled work. You can also choose between plain and serrated blades.