Keep your collection sharp with Schrade knives

Anyone who is a collector of folding or hunting knives will be familiar with Schrade. Famous for their range of hunting knives to Schrade collectible knives, the range of products is enough to keep any knife enthusiast busy. Find Schrade knives on eBay and discover the perfect item for your collection today.

Schrade is a heritage knife brand and has a great history with fine quality pocket knives. Founded in 1904, Schrade has made its name for both fixed blade and full folding knives with their products becoming collectable for many people all over the world. Having closed down in 2004, Schrad blades are now highly sought-after collector's item, ideal for finishing off your collector's cabinet.

Schrade Old Timer Knives

Old Timer knives have been bought for generations and still evoke memories of the past for lots of people. The idea of the Old Timer knives is said to have been thought up by Uncle Henry Baer of the original Schrade company, who wanted a good, old-fashioned knife design. There are many Old Timer knives available on eBay, including versions of the folding pocket knife with sheath, the Deerslayer, and the Woodsman hunting knife.

Hunting Knives

Schrade hunting knives are world famous for their quality and style. If you're on the lookout for a hunting knife to add to your collection, take a look through the range of options from Schrade. From survival knives, like Schrade Frontier and fixed blade tactical knives and the Tanto, to a machete or brush sword, here on eBay, you can find just the piece you're looking for.

Almost like an art form, some Schrade knives have become collectable due to their innovative designs. Take a look at the Karambit knives, which were fashioned on the claws of big cats in Southeast Asia, or the Kukri machete with black powder coating.