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Founded in 1995 in Brazil, Schutz footwear has been developing an ever-expanding range of unique, sophisticated styles for women all over the world. Originating in a country known for warm weather, it’s little surprise that Schutz have become leaders in creating sandals for all occasions. From strolling the beach to partying the night away, there’s something everyone can enjoy in the Schutz range of sandals.

From the funky to the elegant, you can choose from a huge range of sandals, whether you prefer flat slip-on styles for comfort or you need something strappy, shining and glamorous for a night out. Stilettos, gladiator leather sandals, chunky heel sandals with or without ankles straps – there’s really no end to the different styles on offer from Schutz.

Sandals for living with pleasure

Schutz sandals are created with an equal mix of attitude and innovation, giving women around the world the freedom to express themselves through their footwear. Living for Pleasure is the motto behind all Schutz designs, and that certainly extends to their sandals range.

The modern designs are at times playful, but always elegant. There’s a sense of luxury when you slide into a pair of Schutz sandals, giving you the confidence to live your life for pleasure. Indulging in quality, expressive footwear is something all women should have the chance to do, and Schutz sandals are created with that freedom in mind.

So, whether you want some relaxed, casual footwear for those days at the beach or you’ve got a glamorous dress that needs the ideal shoes to go with it, you can find it all here. Whatever your pleasure, Schutz is happy to indulge you.

Flats and slide sandals

Everybody needs some lightweight, comfortable shoes in their wardrobe for summer. That’s where a great pair of flat sandals from Schutz come in. From the sleek and modern to the exotic and beach inspired, there’s designs here to suit every style preference.

Comfort is always a key when you’re buying flat sandals. They’re supposed to go with almost any outfit, especially your summer dresses and skirts, so they need to give your feet the support they need for those summertime activities. Quality is always at the forefront of Schutz designs, so you can be assured you’re getting durable, reliable footwear that looks great and has your comfort in mind.

Coming in a variety of styles such as wide straps or a flip flop design, you’re bound to find the ideal summer sandal here in the Schutz range, so start shopping today!

Wedge sandals

Some of the funkiest shoe designs in the Schutz collection are their wedge sandals. If you like getting a little bit of lift from your summer footwear but the occasion doesn’t really call for stiletto heels, why not compromise and choose a great pair of wedges instead?

Amongst the range of wedge sandals from Schutz you’ll find beautiful colours combining with classic, comfortable wedge soles. For those who enjoy wedges with their evening wear, there’s also some great options to choose from. If you like the added support and style of an ankle strap, you’ll find it. If you just want the convenience of being able to slip into your wedges and not worry about straps, you’ll find it too. 

Beauty and elegance are found in all of the Schutz wedge sandals on offer, so if you love wedges and love to make a statement with your footwear, look no further than Schutz!

Schutz sandals with heels

Sandal heels are the ideal combination of style and grace. The colourful, creative and unique designs on offer from Schutz make heeled sandals a great option for all occasions. If you love heels, this is definitely a range you want to browse through.

If you’ve got a new evening dress and you need a perfect pair of shoes to go with it for an upcoming event, you’ll find it here. From stylish, understated designs with simple strap arrangements to the more eye-catching sparkling varieties adorned with sequins, you simply can’t go wrong. Stiletto heels can make you feel ten feet tall, and with the beautiful elegance of Schutz sandals with heels you’re definitely going to be brimming with confidence. 

If you like a slightly wider heel, but still need the glitz and glamour of a beautiful heeled sandal, there’s plenty to choose from for you too. You’ll find options with ankle straps, without and a different mixture of over-the-foot strapping. If you like minimal straps, there’s some gorgeous options here. That being said, if you want to turn heads and have people asking about your incredible shoes with the ultra-creative strap designs, you also can’t go wrong with Schutz.

Chunky heels for stability

Not all heeled sandals are made for the glamourous nights out on the town. Many people just love looking great in heeled sandals wherever they go. Whether it be afternoons with friends or daytime events where you want to show off your style. 

If you’re going to be on your feet a lot, stiletto heels can become uncomfortable, and Schutz understands this. For a more relaxed look, they offer a range of sandals with wider, chunkier soles which would look incredible with any summer dress as well as being prefect for those long nights of partying. 

Heeled sandals don’t have to be uncomfortable, and that’s why you need to check out the great range from Schutz – you’ll be wowing people with your fashion choices, and doing it in absolute comfort!

Sandals for all seasons

The beauty of sandals lies in their versatility. When you look through the Schutz range, you’ll definitely find some very relaxed, casual flat styles and on the other end of the spectrum, some extremely sophisticated and visually stunning heels. But in between, there’s so many gems that could be used for multiple purposes. 

Whether it’s a wide heel sandal, the awesome strap-heavy gladiator sandals or just a nice, stylish pair with a slightly raised heel, you can get away with sandals for all sorts of occasions. It doesn’t matter if it’s summer or winter, you can use sandals at the beach or paired with a beautiful evening dress. 

But why stop at just one multi-purpose pair? Browse the Schutz sandals collection today, and we’re sure you’ll find more than one style that you simply must have!