Science and Medicine Antiques

Collecting antiques is a popular hobby, and those who focus their collection on antique medical instruments and original scientific items tend to have a specific purpose in doing so. People believe that early items used in the study of science and medicine have changed the course of human history and that their collection and preservation is imperative for an understanding of how science and medicine have evolved during the last century and beyond.

The Surprising Benefits of Collecting Medicine and Science Antiques

In addition to a fascination with the history behind medical, dental and scientific collectables, there are other secondary benefits associated with the art of antique collecting. Firstly, many people enjoy the thrill of the chase, as they browse antique stores, visit garage sales, car boot sales or attend auctions, hoping to pounce on a mothballed stethoscope or ancient barometer In addition, friendships often evolve among antique fanciers, with growing online communities being a hub of activity, information and support for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Types of Science and Medicine Antiques

Australian science and medicine antique collectors know that, while theirs is a relatively narrow field, there are many other subcategories within the broader group. For example, a medical antiques enthusiast could limit their collection solely to glassware, or tools and implements, or even advertising and propaganda items. On the other hand, an initially narrow sphere of interest may eventually broaden to include other related items. For example, a collection of devices used hundreds of years ago to make early pills and capsules be widened to include wooden pillboxes, medicine vials and pill finishers.

Medical Antiques Offer a Glimpse Into The Past

Today, the idea of treating an unsettled baby with morphine, prescribing drops of cocaine for a toothache, taking mercury and arsenic to treat syphilis or controlling an annoying cough with opium is shocking. But in the 1800s, these treatments were considered both revolutionary and efficacious. Collecting science and medicine antiques is a way of exploring intriguing past practices, and understanding how far the world of science and medicine has come.