Science Toys

Science Toys

The easiest way to encourage children to learn is by making education fun, and that's where science toys come into play. Science toys make it interesting and entertaining for kids to learn scientific concepts through kits, games and gadgets that grab their attention and keep it. Education doesn't have to be boring, and there are plenty of science-inspired toys that engage young minds and that can pique an early interest in the multiple aspects of science.

Toy Brands

There are some well-known educational brands that create toys aimed to teach children as well as entertain them. Some of these manufacturers include Schleich, Learning Resources, Smithsonian, ThinkFun and Wild Republic. Discovery Kids is a reputable brand known for their multiple lab kits and toys that let kids perform their own experiments, while Galt Toys makes it exciting to test concepts through their hilarious and fun experiments that come with all the necessary supplies to create volcanoes, amongst other things.

Toy Types

Science toys vary widely, making it easy to find the perfect toy for each child. Microscopes let kids get a closer look at bugs, cells or anything they're curious about, while models give kids a glimpse of the solar system, the human body or plant life. Telescopes, models of animals, prisms and slide projectors are just a few of the ways that kids can learn through play. There are even classic science toys that remain timeless, such as Sea Monkeys or an ant farm. Kids can grow crystals, learn about molecules using magnets and grow their own plants with seeds and pots.

Toy Kits

Purchasing a toy kit is a straightforward way to get supplies for a project without buying numerous items. Kits are geared towards specific ages, making it easy to purchase age-appropriate experiments for children. Some kits to look for may come with a book and items necessary for science "magic" tricks, kits that include supplies to make slime or lab kits that come with a microscope, slides and other accessories. Weather kits may include supplies to create weather experiments, such as a thermometer or barometer and forensic kits teach kids how to collect evidence in order to solve a crime. Be sure to purchase a kit that's geared towards your child's interests to enhance his or her learning process.

Science Games

Playing games is the most fun way to learn, and there are plenty of science-geared games that make that possible. These feature everything from board games, such as Totally Gross: The Game of Science, Kitki Escape EVIL and American Educational board games to card games, racing games with magnets and geology games that use real rocks or fossils. Even a bingo game can take a scientific approach when cards feature various aspects of science instead of the traditional letters and numbers.