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Scissor & Boom Lifts

Have a job that requires a team to work from heights and dont have the means to get up there? eBay has great deals on a wide range of Genie lifts, including cherry pickers and electric scissor lifts, as well as scaffolding ladders to help you make sure your crews needs are met.When it comes to getting your crew working at great heights, you have a range of options. If youre going high end, a Genie cherry picker truck might be the right option for you. The next step down is a towable electric Genie lift that can be towed between job sites or around large properties. The smaller end of the scale is an electric scissor lift, for either a single person or team, that runs on a rechargeable battery. Working at heights can be one of the most difficult kinds of jobs, as logistics become a lot more complex. When choosing the right Genie lift for your worksite, consider what you may have to fit on the lift with workers and how many will typically be needed in one lift to determine the size. Remember that the control box is inside the Genie lift, so it may be necessary to always have two people working on the platform, as one moves the lift and the other performs the necessary tasks. These considerations will determine the size and amount of power and space needed for your lift to get the job done. Small Genie lifts are electric and have rechargeable, replaceable batteries that you can keep on site, so you can keep work moving no matter the life of the battery. As you go up in sizes, heights and capabilities, electric lifts are no longer a viable option. Bigger Genie lifts are often powered by diesel fuel.

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Check out eBays range of Genie lifts and other equipment and keep all your professional goals and tasks within reach.