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Scotch & Soda have over 200 stores worldwide, and their products can be found in another 8000 shop windows. To say they’re a giant of the fun, casual clothing world would be an understatement.

Offering trendy styles for men, women and kids, Scotch & Soda’s designers are inspired by the unique treasures found in the furthest parts of the world. From art to artefacts, the designs are created to inspire curiosity and adventure. As you start browsing through the Scotch & Soda collection, you’ll find unexpected fabrics and patterns merging the vintage and modern into beautiful, unique designs.

Casual men’s shirts

When you’re looking for casual shirts for men, it’s hard to go past the range on offer by Scotch & Soda. From the office to the beach and everywhere in between, you can either be the life of the party or the consummate professional depending on what your situation calls for.

Classic button-down shirts are available in a range of styles, from simple stripes to loud, Hawaiian patterns. As a staple of every man’s wardrobe, the casual buttoned shirt has a variety of uses and switches between business and casual effortlessly.

If you prefer a polo shirt variety, you’ll find a huge amount of designs on offer from Scotch & Soda. From plain colours to daring patterns, there’s something for every occasion. 

When you want to take it back a notch further and go for an effortless, casual look, check out the great range of t-shirt designs. Made for individuals who want to let their shirts say something about their personality, have a browse through the Scotch & Soda range today to find the ideal casual shirts to fill your wardrobe.

Scotch & Soda pants and jeans

When it comes to keeping your legs covered, there’s so many different styles to choose from. Some guys just want maximum comfort. Others want something understated that can double as business and casual wear. Others like a much brighter colour palette to really set off any outfit they’re putting together. Well, with Scotch & Soda you can find all of those options right here in the pants for men range. 

From cotton-linen trousers to regular chino styles and more fashion-conscious slim fit varieties, it’s all here. That goes for their range of jeans for men too. For the denim lovers out there, you’ll find regular styles, skinny leg options, edgy, panelled and torn designs and a stack of funky colours too. You can’t go wrong with Scotch & Soda jeans.

It’s not just the guys who can stock up on pants from Scotch & Soda though. The womenswear range has an almost endless supply of casual, comfortable pants to jeans and skinny fit options. You’ll also find a bunch of funky patterns when it comes to wide leg and flared pants in both linen and knitted materials. To let your true personality shine, choose the style that suits you best!

Men’s coats and jackets

Does anybody really like the winter months? If you don’t enjoy the cold weather but you still like getting out and about all year round, you’ll want to check out the range of Scotch & Soda men’s coats and jackets. The diversity on offer here is incredible, from the solid, comfortable jackets built for warmth to the much louder patterns found on others, there’s so much to browse through.

You’ll find retro style bomber jackets, and a unique mix of colours that will show everyone you’re not afraid to do things a little differently. One thing’s for sure, these jackets and coats are made from the highest quality materials, and you can be assured of maximum warmth and comfort. There’s even plenty of blazers to choose from when you need to dress things up a little more formal!

Women’s coats and jackets

From the boardroom to the bar, you can find almost everything in the Scotch & Soda women’s coats and jackets range. Whether you need something to pair with your favourite business clothes or you want a longer, much warmer option for those chilly days out, you’ll find it here.

There are funky blazers in tweed, striped, checks and even the more elegant, tailored options. But there’s also longer coats and leather jackets for when you want to show your style off to the world. A range of unique colours and styles, and there’s even waterproof raincoats that you’ll feel great in.

For something a little different to keep you warm next winter, have a look through the awesome range from Scotch & Soda today!

Dresses and skirts for summer

When summer comes around and you want to update your wardrobe with some new dresses and skirts, do you ever get frustrated that you can’t find anything to really capture your own unique sense of style? When you shop with Scotch & Soda, you’re not going to have that problem. With designs, colours and cuts that few other clothing labels are bold enough to offer, there’s bound to be something that really speaks to you.

Maxis, midis, mini dresses – it’s all here in such a diverse array of styles. With straps, short or long sleeves, floral prints, edgy designs and even ruffles, you can’t go wrong with Scotch & Soda. The same goes for the skirts range. From bright colours to classic, retro designs and colours, you’re getting something truly different from Scotch & Soda. For a truly imaginative style that sets you apart from the crowd, look no further!

Swimwear for men and women

Much like the range of dresses and skirts, you won’t be left feeling bored with your swimwear range if you shop with Scotch & Soda. With plenty of retro-inspired prints with a playful modern touch, the women’s swimwear range is something different – for the woman who can’t be locked in to the generic swimwear styles on offer in most stores.

For the guys, you’ve got a whole host of swim shorts to choose from, and there’s colours and styles to suit everyone. From tropical designs to more classic styles, you’ll find the ideal poolside gear for you this summer.